Create your perfect basket using our Custom Made Basket Options

When you are deciding on the look of your basket there are choices for the willow colour, border, weave and handles.  In the Custom Made Basket Options sections below we’ve grouped together some baskets according to a combination of weave and border to give you an idea of how your baskets might look.  Take a look at each section and choose the style you like the best.  There’s information there, as well, about which weave suits which kind of basket and things to consider when choosing the border.  We’re here to help as well, so please feel free to call Alison on 01294 829012 or send an email with your questions or for a quotation and advice.  We want to help you create the perfect basket for your home.

The gallery page has lots of pictures sent in by customers of their baskets in-situ, which you might find helpful.


Custom made basket options:-

2 basic weaves: randed and slewed

2 basic borders: standard and track

4 colours: buff, natural white, steamed (dark brown) and natural green.

3 basic handle options: finger holes, woven pull handles, no handles


Custom Made Basket Options in randed weave and standard border

Custom Made Basket Options in randed weave and track border

Custom Made Basket Options in slewed weave and standard border

Custom Made Options in slewed weave and track border

Custom Made Options for hampers


custom made hamper








Please do give Alison a call on 01294 829012 if you need any further information, or help.  Customers often email us photographs of the unit, or the room the baskets will go into and using this we can give advice as to the border or colours to go for, or any other help or advice that you may find useful.