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If you’re wanting your baskets to have lids there are various options: a hinged drop down lid – with or without leather strap fasteners or a lift off ‘trunk’ lid.  You can have no handles, woven side handles, finger holes or rope handles and we can make the hamper to whatever size you require and in either weave – randed or slewed – or a combination of the two weaves.  The least expensive is the simple drop down lid without strap fastenings. The lift off ‘trunk’ lid is quite a bit more expensive.

Traditionally hampers are made from buff willow and although we do offer four natural colours we’d recommend having buff willow for the main structure of the basket (base, uprights and border) as it’s the strongest and most durable.  We can then use any of the colours for the weave or wales.  Please see the willow colours page for more information about the available colours and their properties.

If you need any help or further information or a quotation please email Alison or give her a call on 01294 829012.

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