WP01 waste paper basket

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A randed weave waste paper basket in Somerset grown buff and green willow with buff wale and standard border.

We make everything to order so can make your basket to the size and colour you prefer.  The Willow Colours page shows the various colour options.

The basket shown here is 30cm dia x 28cm h – price £29 plus £5.90 p&p

If you would like to order a waste paper basket, or would like a quotation for a different size, please email Alison or call her on 01294 829012.

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2 reviews for WP01 waste paper basket

  1. Richard Collotta

    Hi Alison, I like your WP01 waste paper basket. Do you ship to the United States? My ZIP Code is 02155. Thank you.

  2. ND

    Excellent product well made by someone who loves weaving. I was so nice we ordered another one. Staff were very friendly and helpful.

    • Alison Bauzys

      Thank you for your comments. It’s good to hear and yes, Virgil does love his weaving!

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