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Slewed Weave, Standard Border with Woven Pull Handle

Slewed weave uses several rods of willow at the same time to create a checkerboard pattern which can be continued up to any height making it ideal for weaving tall baskets.  Randed weave can also be used for tall baskets, but it has to be built up in sections divided by a special row of weave known as a wale.

Slewed weave is perfect for kitchen or utility room baskets and log baskets.  Because it is quicker to work with the price is a little less than randed weave.

Together with a standard border you’ll have a strong and durable basket, ideal for everyday use.

As an alternative to finger holes you can have a woven pull handle as shown here.

We’d always recommend either all buff or buff with one of the other colours for kitchen and utility baskets because it is so hard-wearing.  The willow colours page gives more information on the natural colours available, how they are produced and their properties.

Price guide: size 40cm w x 50cm d x 20cm h £63 per basket
(price varies according to size).

To start a conversation about your basket, or to get a quotation, just email Alison, or call on 01294 829012.

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