There are 4 natural willow colours available.

Buff willow is willow that has been boiled for about 10 hours and then stripped of its bark.  It’s very tough and durable, perfect for hard working baskets.









White willow is also stripped, but instead of boiling dried willow to make the bark soft, as used for making buff willow, freshly cut willow is stood in shallow tanks for water until late spring.  When the buds start to appear it’s bark is stripped leaving the soft white colour inside.

custom made basket








Green willow is the term used for freshly cut willow which is still supple enough to weave without soaking.  Once it’s dried out it’s known as Brown Willow, but we refer to it as Green all year round due to its natural green colour.

custom made hamper








We often use green willow in combination with buff to give a two tone basket.  Buff is used for the base, uprights and border to give the basket strength.  We then use green for the weave.  It’s a very popular combination.

custom made baskets














Steamed willow is called so because of the process used to achieve the colour.  Brown willow is boiled for about 2 hours and then removed and dried without stripping the bark off.  The process of boiling turns the bark from a green to very dark brown – almost black.  We often use this willow in lampshades.  It’s not as durable as buff willow, but okay for baskets that won’t get a lot of wear and tear.

willow lampshadecustom made baskets









We also make baskets in buff and steamed willow.  Using buff for the base uprights and border gives the basket strength and durability.