Round log basket – straight sided

Having straight sides to your log basket gives you extra capacity compared to the tapered version.  We can make it any size for you and in any of the colour options: all buff, buff and green, buff and steamed.  Please see the Willow Colours page for information on the various colours available.

Round baskets are quicker to make compared to rectangular or square and the price reflects this.  We don’t charge any extra for bespoke custom made items.

Example sizes:
large – 53cm dia x 51cm h (21″ dia x 20″ h) is £82 plus £15 delivery to most UK addresses.

small – 44cm dia x 40cm h (17″ dia x 16″ h) £58 plus £10.50 delivery to most UK addresses.

If you would like a price for a different size, or would like to order either of the sizes shown, please email Alison or give her a call on 01294 829012

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